Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Legal Irritations...

Nafissatou Diallo, the chambermaid who accused the ex-IMF head of sexual assault, has made a move that convinces me she's a schemer instead of a victim. ABC News has hit a new low, in my humble correct opinion, by even entertaining an interview with her. Since when does the news machine publicly interview either side of a criminal case before the authorities even finalize their actions? Talk about the cart before the horseshit...

Ms. Diallo, in my view, started weeks ago as a sad victim of yet another man in power thinking he was above the rest of us; it happens all too often. She accused a powerful world leader of a heinous crime.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF Chair and shoe-in for the French Presidency, was arrested and held in jail on the accusations. However, over the next few days, it became apparent to the investigators that the accuser was less than forthcoming with the truth. Her "inconsistencies" quickly became outright lies. She lied about a previous rape in Guinea, West Africa. She lied about what she did after the alleged assault; changing her story no less than four times. She lied to the Grand Jury. It now seems that, upon entering the USA, she lived in a Bronx housing project exclusively for people with HIV/AIDS and has a history of prostitution [NY Post]. New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who has not yet officially dropped the case, he let DSK go. The most troubling accusation in all this is, according to her lawyers, prosecutors said they had found a recorded telephone conversation after the incident between her and a man detained in an Arizona jail in which she said that "this guy has a lot of money. I know what I am doing."

Someone near and dear to me is a survivor of a violent rape. When these stories come out, I'm always inclined to shed a tear or two toward the victim knowing the consequences this cowardly act can wreak on the victim for the rest of her life. However, when the preponderance of evidence points to a false or misleading accusation, my anger gland explodes. It's a serious slap in the face of all the valiant rape victims out there; using this as an excuse to profit. How much has she made already? Don't know. She's not believable to me. Reminds me a little of Casey Anthony. Lie so many times about so many things and change your story one too many times and NOTHING you say can be deemed credible.

Hmm... Makes one think twice about being rich and famous and allowing maids into the room, eh? OK, I thought about it twice...

Like Dennis Miller states, "This is just my opinion. I may be wrong."

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